Wednesday, May 8, 2013

CNN anchors pretend they're having a "satellite interview" even though they're in the same parking lot.

This brought a huge smile to my face and I just can't resist sharing.  Apparently the MSM still thinks we're all gullible enough to believe that things are true due to the simple fact that they're on TV.  Makes one wonder if any of the words coming out of their mouth have any grain of truth.  I think we should all email them and tell them we're awake and their silly tricks don't work anymore...

CNN anchors pretend they're having a "satellite interview" even though they're in the same parking lot.


"Sorry, we're experiencing a delay in the broadcast while we both wait for this bus to go by."

Yes, those are all the same cars. Apparently they thought we wouldn't notice because Nancy is on the right side of the screen, when in reality she is to Asleigh Banfield's left. See The Atlantic Wire's excellent breakdown of the shots to see exactly what happened. Tricky, CNN, very tricky. We understand, though. When a major crime story like the Cleveland Kidnapping breaks, you have to send in Nancy Grace. However, since Nancy Grace is a poorly-medicated vengeance demon who's always just a bad morning away from ending up on her own show, you also send in a real anchor with whom she can "correspond." Unfortunately, it's hard to get shooting permits in Cleveland on short notice, so you set up in the same parking lot. Do us a favor, CNN, just put them next to each other and have them talk into each other's faces instead of relaying their words through satellites to come back down 30 feet away like we're idiots.


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