Wednesday, April 3, 2013

All Wars are Bankers' Wars

This is an excellent video, period.  This is a great educational tool which speaks to what we're deliberately NOT taught in school.  This will also connect several dots for those of you who can't wrap you're brain around what is going on the Middle East, or why.  Please watch, listen, learn and forward to everyone you know - yes it's that good and that important.  I can't remember the quote exactly, so I'm paraphrasing here:  "Is sending your children off to war worth a money junkie getting his next fix?" 

For me, this video was just another reminder of why the current system we exist in has to collapse and be exposed for all to become aware of how we've been existing for so long.  I know there are many souls out there that will be shocked to learn about this, however it is a part of the healing process we all need to go through.  The truth isn't fun, but it's necessary if we want to evolve and move on.

I know the thought of everything we've been used to suddenly changing can be scary for most however I KNOW that we will get through what ever bumps we encounter along the way.  We are strong, we are resourceful, we are compassionate, we are amazing and we are all here to help each other.  After all the rubble has been cleaned up (I'm speaking metaphorically here), we will create a system that allows us all to not only exist, but go beyond what our wildest imaginations believe is possible. 

Imagine not having to go to that "job" you don't really like, just to collect a piece of paper that puts a numerical figure on the value and energy you've expended that week.  Imagine waking up and going outside to the sun shining and the birds singing and letting your imagination guide you to your next destination, with out the need to actually be anywhere other than where your heart wants you to be.  This is the tomorrow I focus on.   This is what I am creating for me.  What are you creating for you?

Thanks to Dan for forwarding the link to this :)

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  1. oops...there are a few holes in this info, in my view...
    AND a few things this guy mentioned...that are not really --correct-- either.

    the knights templar gig he explains NOT really the FULL STORY...
    of what happened...KING PHILLIP "the fair"...WHY he did what he did,
    and why PORTUGAL-&-SCOTLAND--the knights there were safe...even the bits about the POPE...
    who is not mentioned by name (CLEMENT-5th)
    a very incomplete re-telling here...

    so IF that is off--a bit...what else might be, right?

    not to get all nutty here...
    but there are a few things this guy could have...maybe SHOULD have mentioned...near the end...but didn't.
    AGENDA 21 for one...with the NIXON-land grab..
    OBAMA is a BUSH 2 was....for two.
    the VATICAN...the BLACK POPE...behind the "central bankers" for three.
    (i'm not even going to open the "ET" can of worms)

    no mention of OTHER COUNTRIES behind some of the world history this guy goes into...
    how that bit ties into the "central bankers" agenda.

    there are a number of loose ends...NOT tied up in a neat bow...that i was waiting to hear.

    for the new person--the info SEEMS complete.

    but...for those folks into this "hidden history" stuff...important bits are missing.

    GLARING my books.

    who will benefit because of those "holes"?
    and why now...the "timing" of this--going viral?

    all things one could ponder over....
    even to do a little personal digging...
    could tie the loose ends, if one feels so inclined.