Friday, April 5, 2013

Tuscon Arizon under Martial Law?

I just saw this on American Kabuki.  Anyone else think it's unusual that the Mayor of Tuscon is named Rothschild?  Seems a little too obvious right, or are the PTW really that stupid?

Story courtesy of The Truth Denied...

Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Secretly Declares Martial Law in Tuscon, Arizona: Agenda 21

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It all began with an email we received on March 6th, 2013 from Author, Patrick  Jordon who has been a previous guest on THE TRUTH DENIED TALK RADIO. He sent an email alert to his private news group asking “Can somebody fact check this?” followed by “I am so worn down with false predictions that circulate the net.”

Aren’t we all?

The story that Patrick Jordon requested a FACT CHECK on was a new press release by the Fellowship of Minds Blog out of  Tucson, Arizona with headlines that read “Tucson declares state of emergency & effective martial law”. Well this caught my attention right away, and I decided to FACT CHECK the story and found it to be absolutely true, yet the announcement has not been made in local or National Press.(check the original story here:

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