Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous

This is the most powerful video I've watched in a long time; granted, the videos I've been watching and listening to lately I would categorize as "research".

The amazing thing is that AK posted this on his website at 4:01 pm yesterday (4/9) and I just saw it, about 10 minutes ago.

At about 5:30 pm yesterday, I proceeded to have a temper tantrum and told my guides exactly what I thought of everything that was going on in my life, how I wanted things to happen and again I asked (or rather demanded) that the information NOT come through is some cryptic, dream state where I can only retain about 1% of what is going on.  I wanted something obvious and preferably in writing that was so huge that it couldn't be missed. 

This video is my answer - thank you for making it obvious :)  Apparently I need to remind myself that all the answers exist - I just need to keep looking for them.

Enjoy and get ready for Absolute Data to flow from within ~

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