Monday, April 8, 2013

The Matrix Trilogy Decoded

I am always asking my guides, angels, the universe, and frankly anyone else who I can't see that will listen to me, to make the hints and signs obvious that I am on the right track because I can be a bit slow to catch on at times. 

I started listening to this video of the decoding of the Matrix trilogy on my way home from work on Monday last week.  As I was driving down the road a little car with out of state plates passed me and he license plate said NEO.  I laughed out loud and said thank you for the obvious confirmation that I was doing exactly what I should have been.  Those who are fulfilling my requests for obvious information will be happy to know I'm getting it :)

This video is an in-depth look at the Matrix movies.  As you may have been aware, the truth is hidden in plain sight, a lot of times in the form of movies.  The Matrix is one such series.  I'm sure I've watched all of these (probably about 7 years ago) but didn't remember the full plot and didn't realize how TRUE a lot of the concepts are that are presented. 

It's hard to imagine us all existing in a holographic place since everything feels so solid and so real; I've had brief moments through out my life that lead me to think otherwise.  One such moment happened on Tuesday.  I was sitting in traffic at a light and thinking about being inside of a computer program and my perspective shifted, just for a second or maybe less, and I was suddenly seeing the world as if it existed on a piece of paper.  Everything stopped and I felt like I was looking at a photograph instead of existing some place "real".  Unfortunately, none of these moments last long enough to where I can stay in that state and look around or explore a little bit.  My left brain (logic) always kicks in and takes me out of where I am back to what I'm trying to get away from...  Hows that for a paradox?
The other thing that always comes in to my mind when I think about us creating our reality is how POWERFUL we must be.  If we're responsible for remembering and creating ALL that we see and having it be there every time we turn around, just think about all the amazing things we could create if we were conscious of the process involved in turning those creations into a physical manifestation in this reality?

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