Thursday, March 14, 2013

3.13 Meet-Up Notes

We had the first OPPT Meet-Up in Davenport on Wednesday the 13th.  The high energy and the love were definitely flowing!!!

Thank you again to all of those that made it to the meeting.  I emailed a "thank you" to some of you, but didn't have contact info for others so I wanted to make sure everyone knows how much I appreciate the time, consideration and energy that you've added.

I don't have "notes" per-se; there was no set agenda and the conversation flowed exactly where it needed to go (in my opinion).  I plan on having an agenda next time, more to keep us with in a set time than anything else.

A wide range of subjects was discussed, in addition to the OPPT, and I think we did a good job at tying everything together and relating those subjects to what we're all experiencing now.

I'm not going to give any specifics away - if you want in on the fun times, you're going to have to join us next time!! This is my way of "baiting the hook" to get more people involved :)

If you'd like to be included in future Meet-Ups, please join the OPPT Meet-Up group for the Quad Cities at the link below.

For those that were in attendance, please email me if you have ideas for next meetings agenda or if you have questions from last night that you want to talk about.

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