Thursday, March 14, 2013

Holy High Energy Day Batman!

For those of you that are aware of and sensitive to the increased energies that are flooding the planet, today is going to be a doozie.  Personally, it's been my experience to be really exited and energized (no pun intended) by the high vibrational energy, almost to the point that I feel like I'm floating, and then the next day feel the effects physically of the clearing that has taken place as a result of them.  All I can say is that I wish tomorrow was Saturday...

All of the links below definitely deserve their own posts, however I thought the way they correlated to each other was point enough to group them.

The Manuscript of Survival - Part 282

As so many of you have already ascertained, the speed and the intensity of this clearing process is indeed like nothing you have ever come across before. You are literally being emptied out of anything that might be a hindrance to you in the time ahead, for only those that travel light, will be able to reach that destination they so long for. You see, this is not a sort of trial and error project, this is something that is indeed a very serious endeavor, and as such, nothing is left to chance here. So whatever you will experience in the hours and days ahead, know that this is all a carefully planned part of this process, and not something done on a whim.

We say this in order to remind you all that you are indeed carefully monitored by us throughout it all, and we have the full scope on what is indeed needed in order to prepare you all in the best possible way for the next stage of this journey. For you are all so very close now dear ones, and what you have in front of you may seem to be very daunting for you all. But know that even if you feel the pull from this gaping maw of expectations starting to pull you all in, know that you will not be allowed to enter until we deem you ready to do so. So yes, this is all perfectly orchestrated, and it will be given each and every one of you when the time is right. For this is indeed a series of injections of light, to call them that, and they will have some rather intense effects as they each home in on their intended ”targets”. For this is indeed like those heat-seeking missiles you see on your video screens, that seem to uncannily circle in on their target and the hit right in the middle of the bull’s eye.

So too it is with all of this, and even if the words we use may seem rather cold or even frightening, know that what we refer to are actually missiles of light of the most pure and profound kind, and what they will do to you all is nothing short of magical. For they will all penetrate to the very core of your being, and when they do, they will set off a sort of a chain reaction that is almost like the countdown process to a launch of your spaceships. For we are all gathered at the control center now, ready and eager to start this, the last in a very, very long series of fusillades of energy that will engender such a positive response in you all, you have no idea. But on the outside, you might not feel the impact from all of these ”missiles” as strongly as you mayhaps envisage at the moment, but do not think that they have no effect if you yourself have no sense of them entering your system. For make no mistake, you will all be hit by these ”love bombs”, and they will have a devastating effect on everything that has been implanted into you in order to hinder your evolvement into a true lighted being. For nothing of the old will be left standing after this barrage of light, and as such, the charred ruins of the old and obsolete will soon become apparent to you all. But, as we have talked about earlier, it is indeed from  these ashes that the new you, and through that, the new world will arise. So prepare to be hit hard but lovingly by something that will literally change you into something that is profoundly different from the person you still see yourself as today.

The Oracle Report

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Moon Phase - Moon in Aries/Taurus

The keyword for today is diversify.  This is in response to the dominant energy that is adjusting or shifting circumstances and relationships (see yesterday's report).  There's a "newness" to this energy that wants us to embrace possibilities we haven't considered or haven't given enough creedance.  Undeveloped or forgotten interests and talents are trying to come into awareness to be reborn in out lives.  We are still in the energy of the New Moon and the combination of astrological aspects today fosters strong development any intention that is made.

The energy is bringing like toward like and pulling unalike and unalike farther apart.  If a situation or relationship is producing a loss for you, is this something you've known was not in your highest and best interests.?  Holes that are left will be transformed into something else - the energy guarantees this.  Release any pain to the planet and ask that it be transformed.

Just a reminder about tonight's interview on "Living Astrology."  Hope you can join us.

3MIN News March 14, 2013

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