Friday, March 1, 2013

The Power of Truth Overcomes the Force of Falsehood

Ron Van Dyke for 3.1.13...  This is powerful and follows themes that I've been thinking about personally for the last couple of days.  Even if people aren't aware of the wonderful tool we've been given through OPPT, when the people decide they've had enough of the old system and the old ways and make their voices heard and wishes known, things will have to change (my opinion only - not from Ron's video).

The OPPT is powerful because it addresses head on the falsehoods of the fraudulent matrix system to which we have become all too familiar. Let me say something about lies: they can only be enforced when fear is greater than courage. As humans become more and more courageous in facing the reality of our experience and situation, we begin to move into the power of truth. What is truth? It is many things, but subjectively it is what we really think, feel and experience within the context of who we really are. The problem has been that we forgot who we really are. However, many of us are remembering, which enables us to experience new thoughts that generate feelings of empowerment. Enforcement of truth has been a key issue in regard to the OPPT. Truth stands on it own. Lies need to be imposed by show of force, which we have seen happen repeatedly. It will be interesting to watch as the power of truth overcomes the force of falsehood.

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