Wednesday, March 6, 2013

OPPT Makes the news in South Africa

This story is for anyone that doubted that OPPT was spreading like wild fire around the world :)  Make sure to read all the pages on their website as the story continues past page 1.

South Africa: The One People's Public Trust


A local South African branch of the One People's Public Trust (OPPT) has been formed to purportedly free the people of South Africa from the shackles of a corrupt government and a tyrannical banking system.


Before the Champaign corks are popped, we must stress that similar "Common Law Movements" have existed for years. They all claim to set the world free. In the United States they are called "Sovereign Citizens" (now high on the FBI watch list) and in the UK they are called "Freemen on the Land." These movements differ in application, but they share the same basic idea: A few hundred years ago, a group of shady people crafted a brilliant plan to enslave the human race: they created our modern banking system and secretly converted all people into corporations.

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