Friday, March 1, 2013

Rebecca Campbell: "The Revolt of The Pawns"

I've not had a chance to read this yet, but will definitely do so this weekend.  Thanks to Rebecca for making me aware it'd been posted :).  Re-blogging from - Thanks D! 

For the life of me I can't figure out how to upload the actual doc from Scribd, so please click on the last link below and it will take you to that document... 

Rebecca Campbell: “The Revolt of The Pawns”

An enormous thank you to Enerchi from Ascension with Mother Earth for uploading Rebecca’s screenplay and getting this out to the public!!
I plan on sitting back this evening and reading!

Rebecca Campbell: “The Revolt of The Pawns” – A Political Science Fiction Screenplay

Hello World!

I want to introduce to you a multi-talented individual who is a creative writer, artist,and activist doing the good fight against the corrupted systems of control.  Her name is Rebecca Campbell and her website is called

Rebecca has authored a riveting screenplay that I am sure you will all enjoy.  The title of the script is called ”THE REVOLT OF THE PAWNS: A POWER PLAY IN THREE ACTS”.
Plot Summary
A versatile operative of the New World Order is invited to attend the annual meeting of its elite inner core, where she is compelled — as are we all during this time of unprecedented planetary crisis — to make a choice. There is an ancient Greek saying that to publicly proclaim the name of a god gives one command over the powers of that god; this is true of demonic powers as well.
Feel free to contact Rebecca by visiting her website or emailing her at
Below is the screenplay for your enjoyment.   Or you can visit the Scribd page link here.
~ enerchi


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