Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A World of Clinical Insanity... Where the Crazies Rule!

I have a tendency to refer back to David Icke a lot as I think he does an excellent job explaining, well, everything.  If anyone has any connections and knows a way I could have a conversation or better yet, have him invite me on his next trip to Machu Picchu, hook me up!

This is a short video of part of his presentation from Wembley Arena last year.  The title assigned to this video pretty much sums up where we're at on this timeline; just look around and you'll see crazy people every where.  It's time to WAKE UP and DO SOMETHING to stop the madness.

You can only change something once you're aware of it.  I'm trying my hardest to make people aware and I know that everyone wakes up in their own time and at their own pace and it ultimately is not my responsibility to do it, however it's the only thing I can think of to do to help change the reality we're experiencing, so humor me and watch the video :) 

If you're moved by what you see, search for more of his videos - there are tons on YouTube.

"When it is Uncomfortable,
When it is Unpopular,
Even When it is Dangerous to Speak the TRUTH,
Is Precisely the Time That the TRUTH Should be Spoken"

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