Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eternal Heart Game. Who’s Up to the Challenge?

Re-blogging from Free At Last.  I don't know about you but I am definitely up to the challenge; I think I have been trying to find my "trigger" my whole life here and I've only just realized what the game is. I don't think that gives me an advantage and I just got an answer from my inner voice, but I'm going to keep it to myself for a while :)  I'll test it out and see what happens.  Status update to follow if I'm successful!

Eternal Heart Game. Who’s Up to the Challenge?

From what I understand from what Heather has been saying lately, is that all our Eternal Hearts have been activated. We each chose a trigger and the role of the person we are to BE before entering the child’s body prior to birth, while still in the womb, to open our Eternal Hearts to remember who we are and what we already know. This is the key. Who’s up to the challenge to play the game?

Apparently, when we chose to come to Earth to experience this paradigm and entered the child’s body, we chose the child, the parents, the circumstances and the path. We knew this going in. We also knew we would forget who we are. The game is to remember who we are by going about our lives on the paths chosen, provided we didn’t stray too badly, we should find our way back to that path.

On that path, we meet people, we experience events, we learn, we grow and we accomplish talents along the way which all make up who we become. This is our BEing. Our DOing is putting forth our love and passion for what we have learned to be of service to self and others. How are we doing?

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