Friday, February 22, 2013

Ron Van Dyke: There's more to the OPPT than meets the eye

Thank you Ron for another excellent explanation and speaking in a way that all of us can understand :)

I could actually say that about everything that is happening on the planet. It's not what we can see, but what we cannot see that makes the difference. It's always been that way. In Heather's live interview last night on Global FACT Radio, Conscious Living with Tony, she revealed more of what she knows, including saying that St. Germaine is one of the players working behind the scenes to bring about the changes. That will make a lot of non-believers uncomfortable, those that believe such things are crazy. For me, however, it does just the opposite. I do believe in the spiritual dimension, and that there are and always have been higher dimensional aspects involved in this evolution and transformation of human culture. The interview was encouraging for me. Here's the link to the interview: NOTE: Dean Clifford was not the host on this one as I thought from the opening blogtalk blurb. In fact, he is in prison.

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