Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The OPPT Declares Absolute Truth

Ron Van Dyke for 2.26.13...  thanks Ron!!

Frankly, those words: absolute truth, carry a certain amount of foreboding for me. Usually when people have tended to use those or similar phrases, they are trying to impose some kind of dogma on those that have a different point of view. For example, whenever I've heard anyone claim that theirs is the "true church: or the "right religion," I've tended to run fast in the other direction. There is very little wisdom and a lot of arrogancce in such statements. With the OPPT, however, absolute truth has a different energy for me. No one is trying to push a particular viewpoint on anyone else, nor even trying to sell anything. On the contrary, the OPPT declares that we are all Creation's Children, born to be free to be our unique selves and follow our own path. To me, that IS the absolute truth; and love, honor, respect and trust spring from that truth. As I embrace myself in that truth, my inner child smiles, feeling safe to be real and authentic. That feels like liberation to me.

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