Sunday, February 10, 2013

What does freedom mean to you?

What does freedom mean to you?

Upon the realization that you've been enslaved your entire life (and possibly several lifetimes prior to now), it's a little hard to wrap your head around what it really means to be free (for those of you reading this who were not yet aware of your enslavement, I apologize for the abrupt wake up call - please see the Down the Rabbit Hole page).  After all, until recently you thought you were free.  So what has changed now that your perception of the world has shifted from what you were told to believe, told to think, told to see to what actually is? 

My vision has not changed since I've awoken to what is, however what I see is substantially different.  Where I used to see want, need and lack I now see beauty and perfection and abundance.  No matter how my day is going or the circumstances that surround my mood, the minute I walk outside and gaze at the sky, regardless of it's display that day, I see beauty and my mood is instantly lifted and I immediately connect to all of nature that is around me.  I could not find this connection a year ago.

My thought processes have not changed since I've awoken.  I've always been naturally inquisitive and began asking in my early 20's - who am I, why am I here, can I go home yet?  I still ask myself the question of who I am, but from a different angle.  I no longer cling to labels like daughter, sister, mother or friend and try to analyze the meanings of those labels.  I now know that I encompass all of those things and no one label can define me, for I AM undefinable.  My process of awakening has allowed the truth of what is to strip away all that I no longer need to identify with in order to thrive.

So what has changed from a year ago at this time to now which allows me to view the world differently?  Truth.  The truth of where we've been and what we've been through as the human race has taught me more about myself than I could have ever learned in school.  For some reason when this journey started I assumed that learning the truth about myself, the world, our history and the day to day circumstances that surround our existence, would be all warm and fuzzy feelings and amazingly uplifting.  This journey has been anything but that.  Sure there have been moments of warm fuzzy feelings and uplifting emotions that arise seemingly from nowhere, however the process of learning the truth is harsh, unforgiving and brutal.  After you get over the shock of learning what is actually happening in the world and heal those wounds that have been torn open you're left with what has always been... you.  Only the you that you've re-discovered is a million times stronger, shinier, and brighter than the you from the past because by stripping away all that no longer serves you leaves you with the best that you are.  You are beautiful, you are forgiving, you are love, you are infinite and you are perfect just as you are.  Everyone must come to these realizations on their own; its not the same as a multiple choice test - the test and the answer are in the experience and the experience is what is required to rediscover the real you.

This is what freedom means to me.  Freedom is becoming aware of the power that you are acting within it.  Freedom is the feeling that wells up from the middle of your being that tells you that you're loved and beautiful and perfect exactly as you are.  Freedom is knowing that you are infinite and that everything you experience is just that - an experience.  Freedom is connecting to all that is and the realization that you are all that is.

Through the help of the One People's Public Trust, the framework that had kept us enslaved has been removed.  It is now up to us to discover our freedom, stand in our power and create the world we want to live in.  We cannot sit on the sidelines and wait for everything to be handed to us - we must be the ones to act, for without action we are not contributing to the solution and are prolonging the collapse of the existence we are trying to change.

Welcome your freedom when it finds you and don't give it up to anyone.  Act from your power and with love and intent.  Know that you are infinite and beautiful and love.  Remember who you are.