Monday, February 25, 2013

HopeGirl2012: While You Were Asleep

This is a post from HopeGirl back in August but it is still applicable to the reality most choose to see.  You should also check out Hope's Fix The World project and her Fix The World Organization business plan.  I truly believe that the picture Hope presents is where we are headed; competition will be a thing of the past and we will ALL live in abundance.  Some of you might think this is an idealistic approach to take however anything is possible and that is the reality I will be creating for myself. 

WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP. The Story of the 2012 Revolution By HopeGirl

Given the current state of the world today, it is clear to just about anyone that something is going to happen. But just what will happen?  I’ve been chasing down some interesting information, most of which can only be presented in theory form. The reason for this is that the mainstream media is heavily controlled, and the only way to try to get to the real information is through a variety of alternative news sources and the internet.  When gathering information in this way, it is not always packaged together in an easy-to-digest format.  I am attempting to do that now for you in this document.  In addition, there is a lot of secrecy in the world, and not much information is freely available. Some of this information is from “inside sources” who claim they can’t tell you everything. Wherever applicable, I have provided links to documentation so that you can track down these sources of information on your own to help you to form your own conclusions.

So given all of these factors, my goal here is to present you with theoretical pieces of the bigger puzzle, help you put those pieces together, give you a summarized extent of how far I got with my research in each area, and then ultimately it is up to you to make a decision on what you choose to believe.

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Link to the Fix The World Project

Link to the Fix The World Organization Business Plan

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